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Middle School

The middle school environment at St. Luke’s provides for early adolescents to become critical thinkers, inquisitive and creative learners, effective communicators, servant leaders, respectful community members, and team players. There is no pressure for our students to grow up too fast.

Faculty and staff are experienced in middle school education. During these critical years, we recognize that there must be a balance between growing independence and responsibility with a continued need for support, encouragement, and limitations.

Students in Hallway

Middle School Curriculum

The challenging core curriculum in mathematics, English, social studies, science, and Spanish provide students with the requirements of high school. In addition, middle school students have six core courses, daily electives, weekly advisory, and religion.

Below are the core classes students take during 6th through 8th grade.
*Indicates high school credit

6th Grade

World History
6th Grade Math
Earth Science
Physical Education

7th Grade

U.S. History
Pre-Algebra or 7th Grade Math
Life Science
Physical Education

8th Grade

World Geography
Pre-Algebra 8 or Algebra I*
Physical Science
Spanish I*
Physical Education

The Tradition of the Gray Sweatshirt

Beginning with our first middle school class in 2008, St. Luke’s Episcopal School eighth graders have enjoyed the privilege of wearing the gray sweatshirt. Each member of the class is awarded their sweatshirt at the first chapel of the school year, and receives a blessing with their sweatshirt at the conclusion of the service. This privilege is exclusive to the eighth grade class. The sweatshirt is a gift from the faculty and staff in recognition of their respect and admiration for the student leaders on our campus. Only those who have earned the status of being a part of a St. Luke’s eighth grade class may wear the gray sweatshirt. We hope that as a member of this select group of students, you will remember that with privilege, there is responsibility. Lead by example; wear it with pr ide!

The Gray Blanket Tradition

Just as the gray sweatshirt set eighth graders apart as leaders in our community, the gray alumni blanket lets everyone know where they came from and serves as a reminder that you’re part of the St. Luke's family. A message to alumni: "We’ll be celebrating your accomplishments, praying for you, and here for you to support you every step of the way. No matter how old you become, or how far away you travel, we will always be proud to call you our own. Remember, you’re loved at St. Luke’s.”


Middle School Elective Classes


Musical Theater


Sign Language


Computer and Keyboarding



Daily Schedule

7:55am - 3:20pm, Monday thru Friday

Early and after care available

Students in Couryard
Students in Gym

Student Council

Student council serves as the voice of the student body, sharing student ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community. Middle school students vote to elect an eighth grade president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and chaplain, as well as two class representatives for each sixth and seventh grade class. Student council members develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and community service projects.

Heading to High School Event

Every fall, St. Luke's hosts Heading to High School where we welcome St. Joseph's Academy, Catholic High School, Episcopal School of Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, The Dunham School, St. Michael the Archangel School, Parkview Baptist School, and Liberty High School. This is an excellent opportunity for eighth grade students and parents to learn about, ask questions, and prepare for the next step beyond St. Luke's. Plus, St. Luke's alumni come out to represent their schools and share their personal experiences. 

"High school night is so beneficial to students. Parents appreciate the support in ensuring kids transition to the right place for them after graduation."


Athletic Opportunities

We offer a variety of sports for students in third through eighth grade. By beginning school sports in third grade, we are able to establish the foundation for each sport early, providing an avenue for our student-athletes to evolve and grow throughout their tenure at St. Luke’s. 

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