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Our first graduating class graduated in 1958. Each year, we celebrate our heritage with the 58 Fund. 

The 58 Fund is St. Luke's top fundraising priority each year. The fund provides vital, unrestricted funds to carry our school through each academic year, impacting our campus, teachers, and the St. Luke's student experience.

What is the 58 Fund?

The 58 Fund is a way for our school community to join together and support our school in its current needs and to help prepare the way for future students. 

Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year is expected to cover approximately 84% of the cost to educate each student, leaving a gap that is covered by the funds raised through the 58 Fund, grants, as well as other gifts and contributions. 

Educating each student requires safe, secure buildings, updated technology, curriculum support, supplies, professional development, and in to today's world, enhanced security measures.

Each year the 58 Fund is kicked off with Founders' Week where we remember where we started (complete with a 1958 dress up day!) and prepare for the future of St. Luke's.


How the Fund Helps St. Luke's

Did You Know?

St. Luke's provides school supplies for students all the way through eighth grade, making back-to-school shopping so much easier on you: the parents. Gifts to the 58 Fund allow us to continue to offer this benefit, and keep you from having to scour the shelves (or Amazon) for supplies!

Is There a Suggested Giving Amount?

Absolutely not! We recognize that St. Luke's may be one of many important causes in your life. We strive for the highest participation numbers among our constituent groups. 

2023-2024 Corporate Sponsors
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