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K-8 Model

St. Luke's is the only Episcopal school in Baton Rouge using a K-8 Model. Our school is a place where everyone knows everyone else’s name. Cross grade-level buddy systems ensure that students of different ages come to know one another in an authentic way. St. Luke’s elementary and middle school allows students to experience age-appropriate activities and events without the influence and pressure of older students. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders are not “caught in the middle,” but rather take on the leadership role of “seniors.” At the same time, they can be themselves, often remaining “younger” a bit longer and not as directly influenced by the social pressures common in high school. Furthermore, our emerging adolescents are given the nurturing support they need for a healthy, confident transition to the high school years.

Students on Playground at Baton Rouge Private School
Students on Playground at Baton Rouge Private School
Smiling Student at Baton Rouge Private School
Students in Gym at Baton Rouge Private School

Opportunities for Leadership

The oldest students on campus assume the mantle of leadership and act as role models for the entire student body. Through carefully designed buddy programs, older students create a personal connection with younger students by working as a team on school and community projects. This provides the younger students with a positive role model, while encouraging empathy in the older students. The positive achievements of early adolescents are recognized as culminating events and traditions at St. Luke’s. Enjoying the privilege of being in middle school better prepares students for opportunities in high school and beyond.

Predicting Success

A two-year study by American College Testing (ACT) found that eighth grade academic achievement in an appropriate eighth grade curriculum was more significant in determining future success in high school and college than any high school academic experience. National studies show that eighth graders in K-8 schools attain higher academic achievement and score significantly higher than their middle school counterparts on standardized testing.

Source: Rockoff and Lockwood, Columbia University; Schwerdt and West, Harvard University

The achievements of our alumni indicate that St. Luke’s provides powerful, long-lasting experiences that position students for success in high school and college.

Transitioning to High School

A family choice, involving your eighth grader along with the support of the school, is a satisfying and personalized way to choose a high school In turn, this experience better prepares students for making college choices. Our graduates are sought after as high school freshmen because they are well-prepared, self-assured, well-rounded and possess strong moral standards.

From Pre-K through eighth grade, parents and teachers garner invaluable insight about the child’s interests, strengths and learning styles. This provides parents more confidence in making the “right” high school decision at the end of eighth grade, rather than the beginning of Pre-K.

Keeping children in a consistent and familial educational environment through the elementary and middle school years is ideal, however, a change at ninth grade is good! Students will be eager to experience new friendships and challenges that support their individual interests. They are well-prepared to make a smooth transition from middle to high school.

The “St. Luke’s Family” is a community of relationships that last a lifetime. Students experiencing St. Luke’s throughout the middle school years have values and friendships that will benefit them throughout their lives.

The Proof is in Our Alumni

St. Luke’s graduates are accepted into the high schools of their choice. Independent schools and public magnet programs alike actively seek our students for not only their academic abilities, but also their leadership and athletic skills.

Eighty-three percent of our graduates attend Episcopal, Catholic, St. Joseph’s Academy, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, or Liberty Magnet High.

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