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St. Luke’s provides a consistently challenging academic program from early childhood through middle school. At every level, students are encouraged to explore their world. St. Luke’s believes today’s students will eventually compete for jobs that do not currently exist. For this reason, students need to have a broad base of skills they can adapt to quickly changing environments. Particular focus is given to critical thinking, accurate application of knowledge, creative problem solving, collaborative work on projects, and development of habits of lifelong learning.

The use of technology in the classroom is becoming increasingly important. At St. Luke’s, we work to incorporate computers, personal devices, and other forms of technology in meaningful ways that support the academic program. As important as technology is, though, it does not replace the relationships with and the guidance from experienced teachers. Together, students and teachers create an environment where they learn from one another.


"St. Luke's is a happy place that inspires students to love learning."


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